In Ranking we work with the latest technology that allows us to work safely and efficiently.

We bet to always work with the means that facilitate both our work and the immediate access of our clients to the information and fulfillment of their obligations. Together with this, our team is in constant training with more than 100 hours each year in subjects of our respective sectors, which provide us with the ability and knowledge to help our customers in the increasingly complex relationships with the different administrations.

It is not by chance that we were a company selected by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (TGSS) as a testing company prior to the implementation of the electronic data transmission system, now known as Siltra.


Currently, we are also accredited by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness as a point of attention to the entrepreneur (PAE) for the incorporation of companies through CIRCE.



Within the legal area, our firm has lawyers and collaborators that make it a reference in the following areas:

- Labor and social security: Claims for salaries, dismissals, employment regulation files, retirements, disabilities, etc.

- Civil and Commercial: Claims for debts, damages, copyright, etc.

- Family: separations, divorces, grandparents visit regime

- Consumers: negotiation with banks, claims abusive clauses, executions, seizures, et al.

- Administrative: claims regarding noise, activity licenses, settlements, land registry, surcharges, sanctions, et al.